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I was on a bus one March evening. The driver didn’t __1__ to start the bus soon because it was not yet __2__. A middle-aged woman got on. Tired and sad, she told her story __3__, not to anyone in particular. On her way to the station, half of her __4__ was stolen. The other half was hidden under her blouse, so she __5__ still had some left. A few minutes later, she stopped crying, but still looked __6__.

When all the seats were taken, the driver started the engine. The conductor began to collect fares. When she came to an old man in worn-out clothes, he __7__ that he had spent all his money when he had accidentally got on a wrong bus and now he was trying to go home. On hearing this, she ordered the old man to __8__ the bus. The old man was almost in tears as he __9__ her to let him take the bus home. The driver took the conductor’s side and repeated the conductor’s __10__.

The woman was watching the incident. __11__ the driver and the conductor raised their voices at the old man, she interfered (介入).

“Stop __12__ him! Can’t you see he’s only trying to get home?”

“He doesn’t have any money!” the driver __13__.

“Well, that’s no __14__ to throw him off the bus,” she insisted.

Then she reached inside her blouse, took out her __15__ money, and handed it to the conductor. “Here’s his fare and mine. Just stop giving him a __16__ time.”

All heads turned to the woman. “It’s only money,” she shrugged.

She rode the rest of the way home __17__ a happy smile, with the money she'd lost earlier __18__.

On the road of life, the help of strangers can __19__ our loads and lift our spirits. How much sweeter the __20__ will be when we make it a little smoother for others!

1. A. try B. care C. decide D. intend

2. A. empty B. full C. crowded D. ready

3. A. tearfully B. seriously C. carefully D. calmly

4. A. fare B. possession C. money D. wealth

5. A. strangely B. happily C. secretly D. fortunately

6. A. unsatisfied B. weak C. unhappy D. excited

7. A. explained B. declared C. admitted D. found

8. A. get off B. start C. get on D. stop

9. A. begged B. scolded C. praised D. thanked

10. A. request B. action C. suggestion D. command

11. A. Unless B. Although C. Until D. When

12. A. attacking B. bothering C. blaming D. pushing

13. A. warned B. whispered C. shouted D. repeated

14. A. problem B. need C. matter D. reason

15. A. spending B. collected C. remaining D. borrowed

16. A. busy B. cold C. hard D. fearful

17. A. giving B. wearing C. taking D. forcing

18. A. forgotten B. used C. earned D. returned

19. A. move B. increase C. lighten D. carry

20. A. world B. journey C. smile D. friendship



1.【答案】D。解析:考查动词及语境理解。句意:因为车子上没有坐满乘客,所以司机还没有打算启动汽车。try尝试,努力;care关心、担心、照顾;decide决定;intend意欲,计划。根据下文because it was not yet ______可知司机还没有打算启动汽车。intend to do sth打算做某事。所以选D。

2.【答案】B。解析:考查形容词及语境理解。句意:因为车子上还没有坐满乘客。empty空的;full满的;crowded拥挤的;ready准备好的。根据下文When all the seats were taken, the driver started the engine.可知该选B。

3.【答案】A。解析:考查副词及语境理解。句意:疲倦悲伤的她含泪诉说着自己的故事。tearfully泪汪汪地,流泪地;seriously 严重地,认真地,严肃地;carefully认真地;仔细地;calmly平静地,冷静地,沉着地。根据下文中she stopped crying可知选A。

4.【答案】C。解析:考查名词及语境理解。句意:在她去车站的路上,她的一半的钱被人偷了。fare 费,票价;possession占有;money钱;wealth财富。从下文“Then she reached inside her blouse, look out her ______ money, and handed it to the conductor.”可以得出“她的一半的钱被人偷了”所以选C。


6.【答案】C。解析:考查形容词及语境理解。句意:她不再哭了,但是看起来仍然心事重重。unsatisfied不满意的;weak虚弱的;unhappy不愉快的;excited兴奋的。联系上句she stopped crying结合转折连词but可知该选C。

7.【答案】A。解析:考查动词及语境理解。句意:老人在向售票员解释他为什么没有钱买票。explained解释;declared宣布;admitted承认;found发现。从When she came to an old man in worn-out clothes, he …that he had spent all his money when he had accidentally got on a wrong bus and now he was trying to go home.中可以看出老人在向售票员解释他为什么没有钱买票。所以选A。

8.【答案】A。解析:考查动词短语及语境理解。句意:售票员一听,就要求老人下车。get off下车;start开始;get on上车;stop停止。联系下句The old man was almost in tears as he _____ her to let him take the bus home.可知该选A。

9.【答案】A。解析:考查动词及语境理解。句意:这位老人几乎哭着恳求她让他乘公共汽车回家。begged请求,乞求;scolded 责骂,斥责;praised表扬,赞扬;thanked感谢。从上下文“老人没钱想坐车回家而售票员却要求他下车”,于是老人beg sb. to do sth.恳求……做……所以选A。



12.【答案】B。解析:考查动词及语境理解。句意:别找他麻烦了。attack 攻击;bother使……烦恼、找……麻烦;blame责备;push推。stop doing sth. 停止做……;。根据句意结合语境可知该选B。

13.【答案】C。解析:考查动词及语境理解。句意:他没有任何钱!司机喊道。warned警告;whispered 低声说;shouted喊叫;repeated重复。此处说明司机的不耐烦,一种怒气。shouted正说明了他的心情。所以选C。



16.【答案】C。解析:考查形容词及语境理解。句意:她帮老人买车票是为了司机和售票员不要再难为老人了。busy忙的;cold冷的;hard艰难的;fearful害怕的。give … a hard time为难……,所以选C。

17.【答案】B。解析:考查动词及语境理解。句意:然后一路上面带微笑。giving给;wearing穿、戴;面露; 留着(胡须等);taking带走,拿走;forcing强迫,逼迫。根据句意结合语境可知该选B。