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1. In order not to be heard, she pointed her finger upwards to _____ that someone was moving about upstairs.

A. whisper B. signal C. declare D. complain

2. It was _____ of Michael to inform us of his delay in case we got worried.

A. careless B. considerate C. patient D. generous

3. You _____ be careful with the camera. It costs!

A. must B. may C. can D. will

4. --- What if I do badly at the job interview?

--- _____. You should have confidence in yourself.

A. Give me a hand B. Take it easy. C. Congratulations! D. Take care!

5. He is a heavy smoker and even his hair _____ the smell of cigarettes.

A. gives up B. gives away C. gives off D. gives in

6. _____ in 2005, Disneyland in Hong Kong has enjoyed great success.

A. Having completed B. Completed C. Completing D. To complete

7. _____ the meeting is postponed until next week, we won’t be so busy.

A. Since B. When C. While D. That

8. The pretty girl is known _____ the public _____ a little film star _____ her excellent performance in a film.

A. in; as; with B. to; as; for

C. among; with; in D. by; for; because of

9. It was not until yesterday _____ he returned _____ to know the news.

A. when; that I got B. when; that did I get

C. that; that I got D. that; that did I get

10. _____ this crazy world changes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point _____ we are no longer friends.

A. However; where B. Whatever; where C. However; that D. Whatever; that

11. The number of children who have lost parents due to AIDS _____ to rise to over 27 million in 2012.

A. are expected B. is expecting C. are expecting D. is expected

12. --- Are you satisfied with what Alice did?

--- Not a little, it couldn’t be _____.

A. any better B. any worse C. so well D. so bad

13. --- Bad luck! I failed in the driving test yesterday.

--- _____ the great efforts you have made?

A. Despite B. Rather than C. Assuming D. Thanks to

14. Tom came to teach in China in 2011, _____ he had toured more than 60 countries.

A. when B. where

C. by which time D. during which time

15. No sooner _____ to Chengdu than he bought a fine house and settled down there.

A. be returned B. returned be C. be had returned D. had be returned

16. _____ program has been developed up to this date, but none of them are economical enough to be carried out now.

A. All B. Several C. Either D. Many a

17. _____ the fact that the old cars could not go as fast as modern ones, people still watched the race with a great deal of pleasure and excitement.

A. Thanks to B. Despite C. As far as D. Although

18. The engineer has spent one year working in the United States and discovered how things _____ overseas.

A. manage B. promote C. operate D. transform

19. This old dictionary has been of great _____ in helping me to learn the English language.

A. usefulness B. value C. price D. cost

20. Much to her delight, three _____ neighbors showed up and several of them even brought with them some candies and cookies.

A. dozen B. dozen of C. dozens D. dozens of






5.【答案】C。解析:考查动词短语辨析。本句意思是:他烟瘾很重,甚至连他的头发都散发着烟草的味道。A放弃;B分发,赠送;C散发出 (气体、热量或气味);D屈服让步。故选C。



8.【答案】B。解析:考查固定搭配。本句意思是:这个漂亮的女孩因她在电影中的出色表演而作为一个小电影明星被公众所知。be known to sb.为某人所知;as作为;be known for因……而出名。所以选B。

9.【答案】A。解析:考查强调句和定语从句。强调句基本结构:it was/ is +被强调的部分+that+其他成分。可以简化一下句子的结构 it was not until yesterday that I got to know the news.另外,定语从句 when he returned修饰yesterday。本句意思是:就是直到昨天,也就是他回来的那天,我才知道这个消息。故选A。

10.【答案】A。解析:考查让步状语从句和定语从句。whatever是“不论什么,无论什么……都”的意思;However是“不管怎样”的意思。该题的前半句的意思是:不管这个疯狂的世界怎么样改变我们,所以选however。第二个空是选定语从句的关系副词,the point是指“境地,情况”,抽象地点,用where引导定语从句,where在句子中作状语所以选where。故选A。

11.【答案】D。解析:考查主谓一致和被动语态。The number of 表示“……的数量”,做主语,谓语动词用单数第三人称,the number of children和expect之间是动宾关系,故用被动语态,故选D。

12.【答案】A。解析:考查比较级的用法。not any +比较级表示“没有更……的了”,本句的意思是“你对爱丽丝所做的满意吗?非常满意,没有更好的了”,根据句意,故选A。

13.【答案】A。解析:考查词义辨析。despite表示“尽管”;rather than 表示“而不是”;assuming表示“假如”;thanks to 表示“由于,幸亏”。根据语境,本句的意思是“尽管你付出了那么大的努力,竟然还是没通过考试?”。故选A。

14.【答案】C。解析:考查定语从句。本句的意思是“汤姆2011年来到中国从教,截止那时他已经去过60多个国家旅游了。”根据所使用的时态,过去完成时,可判断使用时间状语by which time。故选C。

15.【答案】D。解析:考查倒装句。No sooner引导时间状语从句,主句用过去完成时,than后面的从句用一般过去时。No sooner ...than...常放在句首,表示强调,这时主句要倒装。故选D。

16.【答案】D。解析:考查代词辨析。根据has可以排除all和several,再根据后面的none可以排除C。故选D。Many a用单数形式表示复数含义,谓语动词用单数。

17.【答案】B。解析:考查词性。Thanks to因为,Despite尽管,As far as就……而言,Although虽然。Despite是介词,后跟名词,而although为连词,后跟句子,故选B。


19.【答案】B。解析:考查名词词义辨析和固定搭配。of great value意思是“有很大价值”。

20.【答案】A。解析:dozen和hundred, thousand的用法一样,前面如果有具体数字修饰的话dozen用单数,不加of。